The Proof of the Pudding:

“Marnus has an excellent marketing course. It makes you think and challenges you to look at your business with fresh eyes. (Ek het nou kans gehad om na jou strategie CDs ook te luister… en jy mag maar!”

Barbara Louw:
Inter Trauma Nexus

“Ons het nog nie naastenby alles gedoen wat ons bespreek het nie… maar dit gaan goed met ons… EN ons inkomste het reeds met 26% verbeter, ten spyte van die swak ekonomie. Dit gaan dus eintlik baie goed met ons. Baie dankie vir jou hulp”

Miemie van Loggerenberg:
4flies Nature Farm

The total programme was excellent. You should repeat it again. I especially enjoyed the practical approach.

P J Prinsloo:
Planner Nuclear Energy Corporation

An excellent and very practical seminar. Thank you.

Dr Piet Muller:
Best-selling self-actualisation author and acclaimed former journalist and editor

I would like to attend more seminars like this one

Ina Breytenbach:
Marketer Koopkrag

Kept my attention the whole time. Definitely worth the money.

Otto Scholtz:
BOE Personal Stockbrokers

Practical and presented with insight. Thank you for an excellent seminar.

A P Vermaak:
Consultant Nuclear Energy Corporation

Gained a lot of knowledge and would like to learn more. Will make contact for a further seminar.

Nicolene Killian:
Manager Rentmeester Grobbelaar

Conveyed effectively and on target. Best seminar on marketing for me to date.

M Peters:
Business Engineer Metron-Synos

Presented in a most interesting way. I was captivated the whole time.

Peet Geyer:
Broker Pro Insurance Consultants

The whole seminar is really an eye-opener in all respects

Yolande Brits:
PWV Recycling

Course material very exhaustive and amply applicable in the field.

A Olivier:
Manager Bellryck Insurance Brokers

Dynamic and illuminating

Elsabé Wepener:
Case Management Denmar Specialist Psychiatric Hospital

Now we are going to get business!

Louise de Beer:

I am much more motivated than ever!

Mandy Koffman:
Marketer Multinet

Made me realise what USP is really about and that we must work on it to stand out from the crowd.

D van Dyk:

Excellent value @ the cost! -

Neels Fourie:
Manager @lantic

Professional yet relaxed -

Ilda Aucamp:
Zero Financial Services

Marnus Roothman’s chassis plans make selling child’s play, with most deals closed on first telephonic contact

Marina Greyvenstein,
Director, Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy

We used Marnus Roothman’s input in various fields when designing the corporate image of Sheer Blue Distributors. We have no hesitation in recommending him for creative work -

J A Breed,
Sheer Blue Distributors

Now much more positive. Can get plan of action, not only for my work but also for my personal life.

Jolette Coetzee:

Thoroughly enjoyed, and many things learnt years ago were refreshed again.

Dion de Bruyn:
Isp Manager Atlantic Internet Services

Thank you. It was practical and on target. Definitely worth the effort -

A van Rensburg:
Marketer West Rand Box

Any company should send all its staff to such a seminar.

Elsabé Basilio:
Manager Rentmeester Grobbelaars Funeral Services

Strongly recommended -

Chris Everts:
Businessman, Milky Lane

I have always only tried to sell and did not focus on marketing. My whole mindset has been changed.

Marcelle Petzer:
Roan Fund Administrators

Never realised the reality of planning before being able to proceeding to selling the product. Excellent.

Michelle Welmans:
Roan Fund Administrators