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Body & Mind Foundation primarily offers four services, as well as some related products.

Marketing Strategy development

Marketing Strategy is not a luxury – it is the foundation for the success of a business, and consists of a measurable Master Plan within which all tactical actions must take place. Body & Mind Foundation MD Marnus Roothman has a pre-meeting of around one hour with the relevant role-player(s) of a firm or organisation, during which he obtains all the relevant information needed, and sets dates for the next step – a “Bosberaad” (Workshop) with all relevant role-players attending, which takes place on two consecutive days, from 4 pm – around 9:30 pm (or later, if necessary). A final follow-up session of approximately 3 hours follows about one week later. NB: Depending on the complexity of the business, some companies request additional follow-up meetings, for which a separate quote is then given. Marnus Roothman uses a master template © that results in a written marketing strategy – with sub-goals and time-frames – automatically being in place after the final session.

The fee is negotiable, in line with the size and/or complexity of the business.

Homepage copy-writing

The most important marketing document of any modern business is the homepage of its website – a highly specialized “sales letter” that should turn Suspects into Prospects. Many websites are fully SEO (Search Engine Optimized), attracting numerous “hits” per day, but a disproportionately low percentage of enquiries – indicating that the homepage copy is not effective. Marnus uses the internationally proven AIDA approach when writing the copy, bearing in mind that you literally have 4 seconds to attract the attention of the Suspect; and another 14 second to turn him into a Prospect – else he simply clicks out and is lost to your firm. (AIDA = attract Attention; arouse Interest; create Desire; instigate Action – there is a special writing technique attached to achieving this).
NB: Marketing Strategy Development clients pay a special discounted fee for Homepage copywriting.

Marketing related Seminars and In-house Workshops

Seminars can be tailored to be either full-day or half-day, and can be arranged for Business Chambers or other groupings; or for businesses clubbing together to reduce the cost factor. There is no limit set on the number of people attending Seminars. Fee negotiable.

In-house Workshops are conducted at the premises of the client, for a maximum of 30 attendees. All workshops are full-day (For “Sales Chassis Plans and Presentation Skills” a two day workshop is recommended to accommodate role-playing sessions). Seminar and Workshop topics are Marketing and Selling – there is no Magic; Practical Advertising for Small to Medium sized Firms; Sales Chassis Plans and Presentation Skills, The Role of Body Language in Selling, Customer Care for the Total Buying Experience; Marketing Strategy demystified; and Practical Long-term Motivation. Fee quoted is per day, irrespective of number of attendees. NB: Tailor-made seminars or workshops on different topics can be negotiated.

Marnus also on request delivers 15 – 30 minute talks on any of the above subjects; act as key-note speaker; or perform the duties of Master of Ceremonies.

Statements in Steel structured business opportunity

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  • Marnus’  E-book, The Master Key to Success in Business and Personal Relations can be viewed, bought and downloaded via the  “E-books” button on the Homepage.  Price: $12.95
  • ‘n Stel van drie CDs oor bemarkingstrategie-ontwikkeling. Bevat ses radio-onderhoude met Marnus Roothman van ‘n halfuur elk deur die bekende omroeper Karen Zeelie. Prys: R180 (sluit  aflewering in, of posgeld indien buite Groter Pretoria area – slegs Suid-Afrika). Professionele inligting in Afrikaans oor Bemarkingstrategie-ontwikkeling is skaars.
  • A set of two CDs by Robin J Elliott, President of the DollarMakers International Joint Venture Club, How to Start your Business with No Money and No Risk and How to Grow your Business with No Money and No Risk. Price: R120 (including delivery, or postage if outside the Greater Pretoria Area – South Africa only).
  • How to Manage your Thoughts and Emotions and be Happy Most of the Time, a CD by Robin J Elliott. Price: R70 (includes delivery, or postage if outside Pretoria Area – South Africa only).

Don’t take my word for what my services can do for your business – see what some of my clients say about my services on the relevant pages of this website.

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