Seminar Topics

Marketing & Selling: there is no magic…

Marketing: the two approaches; marketing versus selling – what is the difference?; introducing your business into your area; prospecting for business; Defining your USP (unique selling point); selling – the intellectual, emotional and physical aspects; advertising – a few basics, the AIDA approach; business hints; golden rules; advice from the world’s highest paid marketer; marketing strategy – the master plan, the key strategic questions to answer, the four elements of a practical, successful marketing strategy; the “magic wand” – why businesses fail, sales people do not sell, workers strike, marriages break up, the generation gap occurs, and wars start; a spot of motivation.

Chassis Plans for Selling & Presentation Skills

The basics; the approach; logical stages to work through; closing and different closes; do your homework; the physical aspect; dress for success; the time factor; distractions; enthusiasm; body language and mannerisms; vocal quality and rhetoric; hot buttons; the power of paraphrasing and summarizing; added value; referrals; the fall-back plan; gifts; role-play.

Advertising for small to medium sized businesses

Different kinds of advertising; advertising technique (the AIDA approach); successful communication; unique selling points; what do you want to achieve?; market segmentation); writing advertising copy; the power of a heading; basic advertising design and layout; potential pitfalls; practical exercises; media and channels; in-house advertising; ethics in advertising.

Customer Care and Service – the Total Buying Experience

What is customer service?; The five elements of customer service; the new model of selling; effective communication; listening; perceptions and reality; practical aspects of perceptions; key points regarding customer contact; telephone use; cell-phone etiquette; the golden rules; advice from the experts; identifying and understanding character types; the importance of attitude and motivation; practical motivation techniques; observations from across the global spectrum.

Marketing Strategy and Plans

What is marketing strategy?; what is the purpose of a marketing strategy?; a few myths exploded; strategy v. tactics; a practical approach to marketing strategy and plans; setting attainable goals; the  seven crucial questions to ask – and answer; the five ways to turn your business around; Unique Selling Points; Market Segmentation; practicalities to bear in mind.

Practical Long Term Motivation

Exploding myths about motivation; the true nature of motivation, inspiration versus incitement; inspiration versus motivation; positive and negative motivation; aspects influencing motivation – choices, personal distractions, inputs, perspective, Paper; knowledge, preparedness, enthusiasm, perceptions, single-task mindedness, physical motivation, actions v. emotions, body language, role play, conversation (verbalising), motion versus action; goals and actions; practical exercises; worthwhile observations; statistics; understanding others; self knowledge – character types; universal communication and its impact.


All seminars can be presented as full-day or half-day presentations
NB: Seminars can be presented internationally by arrangement


Marketing and Selling demystified; Telemarketing; Customer Care; Practical Motivation; Communication Skills; Telephone Technique; Advertising Design; Creative Copywriting; Public Image Projection; Chassis Plans & Presentation Skills; Entrepreneurship. NB: the latter two workshops should preferably be 2-3 day presentations

NB: Alle aanbiedings kan ook in Afrikaans geskied

NB: Seminars, Workshops, or Talks on specific subjects required by the client can also be negotiated

The Proof of the Pudding…

A few samples of what people say about Marnus Roothman’s seminars/workshops (originals available)

The total programme was excellent. You should repeat it again. I especially enjoyed the practical approach.
P J Prinsloo: Planner Nuclear Energy Corporation

An excellent and very practical seminar. Thank you.
Dr Piet Muller: Best-selling self-actualisation author and acclaimed former journalist and editor

I intend to apply what I have learnt! All that was conveyed is practical and possible to achieve.
Juanita Wantenaar: Financial Advisor Safma

Would like to attend more seminars like this one
I Breytenbach: Marketer Koopkrag

Kept my attention the whole time. Definitely worth the money.
Otto Scholtz: BOE Personal Stockbrokers

Practical and presented with insight. Thank you for an excellent seminar.
A P Vermaak: Consultant Nuclear Energy Corporation

Gained a lot of knowledge and would like to learn more. Will make contact for a further seminar.
Nicolene Killian: Manager Rentmeester Grobbelaar

Conveyed effectively and on target. Best seminar on marketing for me to date.

M Peters: Business Engineer Metron-Synos

Presented in a most interesting way. I was captivated the whole time.
Peet Geyer: Broker Pro Insurance Consultants

The whole seminar is really an eye-opener in all respects
Yolande Brits: PWV Recycling

Course material very exhaustive and amply applicable in the field.

A Olivier: Manager Bellryck Insurance Brokers

Dynamic and illuminating.
Elsabé Wepener: Case Management Denmar Specialist Psychiatric Hospital

Now we are going to get business!
Louise de Beer: Safma

I am much more motivated than ever!
Mandy Koffman: Marketer Multinet

Made me realise what USP is really about and that we must work on it to stand out from the crowd.
D van Dyk: Pentasure

Excellent value @  the cost!
Neels Fourie: Manager @lantic

Professional yet relaxed
Ilda Aucamp: Zero Financial Services

Marnus Roothman’s chassis plans make selling child’s play, with most deals closed on first telephonic contact
Marina Greyvenstein, Director, Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy

We used Marnus Roothman’s input in various fields when designing the corporate image of Sheer Blue Distributors. We have no hesitation in recommending him for creative work
J A Breed, Sheer Blue Distributors

Now much more positive. Can get plan of action, not only for my work but also for my personal life.
Jolette Coetzee: Univorm

Thoroughly enjoyed, and many things learnt years ago were refreshed again.
Dion de Bruyn: Isp Manager Atlantic Internet Services

Thank you. It was practical and on target. Definitely worth the effort

A van Rensburg: Marketer West Rand Box

Any company should send all its staff to such a seminar.
Elsabé Basilio: Manager Rentmeester Grobbelaars Funeral Services

Strongly recommended
Chris Everts: Businessman, Milky Lane

I have always only tried to sell and did not focus on marketing. My whole mindset has been changed.
Marcelle Petzer: Roan Fund Administrators

Never realised the reality of planning before being able to proceeding to selling the product. Excellent.
Michelle Welmans: Roan Fund Administrators


Entrepreneurship – making the paradigm shift; Active Retirement; Love Thy Neighbour – while having a ball yourself!; Practical Motivation; Outside Support Systems; Communication Skills – why friendships falter, marriages break up, the Generation Gap occurs, “nobody understands” you, businesses fail, salespeople don’t sell, strikes occur,  wars start.


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