A “Softer Landing” for workers receiving severance packages

In the current economic climate retrenchments have become a harsh reality or are looming ominously over the shoulders of the breadwinners of many households.

It is patently obvious that many South Africans will simply HAVE to become entrepreneurs in order to survive – but it need not be a case of merely surviving; but could be Problems being transformed into Golden Opportunities. If they can make the paradigm shift to start thinking like entrepreneurs, it will go a long way towards ensuring a continued decent lifestyle for their families – enabling them in time to look back on their retrenchment as the best thing that had ever happened to them.

But how does one make that paradigm shift?

Marnus Roothman, a highly successful specialist trainer in entrepreneurship is at the disposal of firms, groups and organisations who want to include four days of intensive training in entrepreneurship in the severance packages of employees, in order to help them achieve the paradigm shift to start thinking like entrepreneurs –probably the only really workable option in the current South African situation.

Marnus Roothman has already walked the road regarding training in entrepreneurship through workshops and seminars presented over a wide spectrum, including inter alia for members of Gauteng North Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Centurion Business Chamber, the Northern Choice Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Capital City Business Chamber – with excellent results, judging by the feedback received. Among the individual concerns that have made or are making use of his services in this regard are, for instance, Atlantic Internet Services, Koopkrag, and the Wannenburg Group. A few thousand people have already attended one or more of his training seminars and workshops, and he has literally hundreds of testimonials/evaluation forms available testifying to the success of his approach to entrepreneurship.

In 1997 he started the PrintAfford structured business group, and in 1998 was declared National Runner-up in the AHI/Old Mutual competition to find the Business Undertaking of the Year for Excellent Service Provision (Small Business category) – important here is that the “excellent service provision” revolved around the fact that, during the business training for buyers, he empowered them to achieve a total paradigm shift from salaried employee to successful entrepreneur. When he sold the PrintAfford concept in 2002, there were 30 successful businesses operating in South Africa, and 4 in Botswana. NB: There are many similarities between the situation then and the current one – many employees had also received severance packages then, and HAD to become entrepreneurs or go under.

In 2002, Roothman also offered entrepreneurship training in Francistown to a hand-picked group of young people chosen by the Botswana Youth Council – his training in the process also being accredited by EBAS, the European organisation that was offering financial and other assistance to Botswana regarding economic development at that stage.

He holds an Honours Degree in Media Science from the then Potchefstroom University for CHE, and has also successfully completed the SAQA training as Assessor.

In 1995 he attended the Mastermind Marketing program of Jay Abraham (one of the most respected marketing gurus in the world) at the Abraham Foundation in the USA.

Roothman is a Founder Member of the National Press Club, and served 4 consecutive terms on the Committee of the Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa’s (then) Northern Transvaal branch.

On his return from the USA he started offering training in especially marketing and selling to a wide variety of groups and concerns in co-operation with Robin J Elliott, Founder and President of the DollarMakers International Joint Venture Club, with members in 19 countries.

Currently he has another structured business group in his business portfolio, Statements in Steel – with 8 businesses currently operating in South Africa, and one in Galway, Ireland. All entrepreneurial training is again offered by him, with outstanding results.

In the August 2007 issue of Succeed magazine – one of the most respected entrepreneurial publications in South Africa – an article was published covering the content of an interview with Roothman on Ten things NOT to do in business. In the editorial comment, the publisher of the magazine referred to him as one of the six experts on entrepreneurship in South Africa.

The training offered to workers about to receive severance packages includes, among other things

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing models
  • Marketing versus Selling
  • Communication principles
  • Networking hints
  • Unique Selling Points (USP)
  • Marketing segmentation
  • Selling – the three key elements
  • Sales chassis plans and presentation skills
  • Introducing your business into your area
  • Prospecting for business
  • General sales hints
  • Advertising – the basic principles
  • Perceptions and business
  • Ways to get/keep/lose business
  • Business advice by international experts
  • The long term sales model
  • Client service and relations
  • Marketing strategy
  • Introduction to Business Practise for the small business
  • Basic financial approach and strategy
  • General business practices
  • Business hints
  • Musts and Must Nots in business
  • An in-depth look at the quoting process
  • Practical long-term motivation


The training takes place over a period of 4 days. NB: There are also evening sessions, to facilitate ample practical and inter-active exercises.

Marnus will present the course anywhere in the RSA, for groups of 10 or more people, provided that his travel and accommodation costs are carried by the group/firm(s)/organisation requesting the training.

His fee for the above for the full 4 days training is only R1 200 per person.

Marnus will supply a comprehensive workbook electronically to the organisers, who will be responsible, at their own expense, to print and ring-bind copies for all attendees to use during the training, and for future reference.

Employers will be responsible for accommodation and meals arrangements at their own cost; and the organisers shall be responsible for arranging and paying for the venue used.

Marnus will also make himself available for telephone consultation during the crucial 2-month start-up phase of whatever enterprises attendees decide to tackle after the training

Interested parties can contact Marnus Roothman directly on 079 634 1340.

NB: Individuals are also welcome to contact him to negotiate one-on-one training.