CV of Marnus Roothman

Marnus Roothman holds an Honours degree in Media Science, and was an Accredited Public Relations Practitioner (APR) for more than twenty years while active in Public Relations. He is also a SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority) accredited Assessor, a founder member of the National Press Club, and a member of the Capital City Business Chamber (CCBC) in Pretoria. Marnus is also the Director: Africa of the DollarMakers International Joint Venture Club.

During the early years of his career he was exposed to the marketing and sales training of various large concerns, including the Caxtons Printing & Publishing Group from the UK; the Rembrandt Group of Companies; and the National Mutual of Australasia insurance company.

Marnus taught Practice of Journalism and Press Law at the (then) Pretoria Technikon, and also prepared Pretoria Rapid Results College students for the prestigious international Pittman’s examination in Business Studies, and for the ICIE Diploma in Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations.

After a successful career in the corporate world he founded Marpo Enterprises in 1975, a Pretoria based firm handling public relations, publicity, promotions, exhibitions, marketing, advertising, and printing for a wide variety of clients from both the private and public sector.

In 1994 he became co-director of the Institute for Dynamic Development – an upmarket business club and sales college – and also founded a publishing and business training firm, Body & Mind Foundation.

Marnus completed the Mastermind Marketing Programme of international marketing guru Jay Abraham in 1995, attending Abraham’s personal training in Los Angeles, USA.

During 1996 he presented, in conjunction with international business trainer and self actualization expert, Robin Elliott a series of three day seminars, Starting at the Top for South Africans planning to start or buy their own business.

Marnus sold the printing side of Marpro Enterprises in 1994 and, after extensive preparation launched the PrintAfford structured business group in 1997. The equally successful SignAfford package followed in February 2000.

Establishing 22 successful PrintAfford businesses in its first 22 months of operation, PrintAfford SA was declared  Winner of the Greater Pretoria Area, then Provincial Winner for Gauteng North, was then chosen as one of five National Finalists, and was eventually declared National Runner-up in the Old Mutual/AHI competition to find the 1998 Business of the Year for Excellent Service Provision (small business category).

Boasting 34 businesses established (4 in Botswana), Marnus sold PrintAfford SA in 2002 and established himself as an independent Marketing Strategist and Tactician, developing Marketing Strategies and Plans for diverse business concerns; and offering specialised training in Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Selling, Customer Care, and  Practical Long Term Motivation.


Marnus specialises in Marketing Strategy Development for small to medium sized companies and organizations.

His fields of expertise include practical marketing, selling and advertising strategy and techniques, sales “chassis” plans and presentation skills, customer care empowerment, tele-marketing, personal motivation, and creative copywriting (for especially homepages of websites – which he does internationally). He extends his services to a limited number of customers at a time, and incorporates techniques applied by some of the foremost marketing strategists and practitioners in the world, blended with his own wide-ranging experience and unique perspective on business.

He presents training seminars and workshops for widely different groupings – nation-wide, as well as internationally by invitation. Wide-ranging concerns also commission him – locally and internationally – to present talks on topics like Communication Skills, Entrepreneurship, Personal Motivation, Customer Care, The Role of Body Language in Selling, and What Works at Exhibitions and What Not. Developing sales or tele-sales “chassis” plans, and then honing users’ presentation skills to professional levels is one of his specialities.

Marnus has perfected a unique approach to marketing and selling, eliminating probably the biggest universally accepted problem in human communication. International marketing experts all agree on the importance of this aspect – but none has managed to zoom in on it quite as clearly and unequivocally as Marnus Roothman. (His acclaimed e-book, The Master Key to Success in Business and Personal Relations can be viewed, bought and downloaded on the homepage of this website, via the E-BOOKS button on the menu).

His most recent venture is Statements in Steel, a structured business opportunity which specializes in decorative, security, and functional steelwork – using arguably the best hand steel shaping equipment in the world, especially developed for his firm. Although not planned as an international venture, the Sole Franchise Holding for Ireland was sold within 7 weeks of launching the project.

Marnus Roothman is able to extend his services via the internet and/or personal visits throughout North America and the United Kingdom , as well as other English speaking countries.

NB: When Marnus Roothman taught PrintAfford/SignAfford buyers how to run and market their businesses their livelihood literally depended on the quality of his training – with few exceptions, they had no previous business experience. His training credentials were also accepted by EBAS – the European Union’s Business Assistance Service for Africa – in Botswana, and he has conducted highly successful business training sessions for young would-be entrepreneurs in Francistown on behalf of the Botswana Youth Council.


In the August 2007 issue of Succeed Magazine in South Africa, the Publisher wrote in her Editorial:


The main feature that covers  pages 10  to 22 of this issue is what business is really all about… The areas that we have examined are vital to the challenge of building your business. And the people who are featured are simply the best available… they are a team that bring the very best advice to our readers.


She then proceeds to mention the six experts by name – one of them being Marnus Roothman.