Marketing Strategy Development

The Oxford Paperback Dictionary defines strategy as:

The planning and directing of the whole operation of a campaign or war, a plan or policy to achieve something

Many businesses mistake implementing marketing tactics for having a marketing strategy.

Even while implementing the best tactics imaginable, a business may well fail if it does not have a master strategy in place within which to apply these tactics. The greatest marketing tactics will under-perform (usually by a wide margin) if not driven by a consistent strategy, or by an inferior strategy.

If you suspect (or know) that your marketing strategy needs a serious, objective re-evaluation; or if your business does not have a well-defined marketing strategy in place (in writing), contact Marnus Roothman at Body & Mind Foundation to arrange an informal discussion. NB: First appointment FREE, with no obligation from your side (Outside the Greater Pretoria Area a R2/km travelling fee applies)

Marnus has already assisted widely different business concerns in developing or fine-tuning a comprehensive, practical Marketing Strategy (as opposed to a Wish List).

Do you perhaps think that marketing strategy development is expensive?

I never know whether to laugh or cry when I hear: “We cannot afford to do marketing strategy development now – but as soon as things get better, we shall give it serious consideration.” lol! How will things get better if you do not as a top priority put a marketing strategy in place – a framework within which you can plan all your moves, and accurately measure your progress?

But I have understanding for your problem: Businesses have been conditioned that a marketing strategist will cost an arm and a leg – and that he might suggest academic “solutions”, instead of a common sense, pragmatic strategy that can be implemented within your available budget.

Fact is, you can develop a practical marketing strategy THAT WORKS and can function almost immediately for an investment from as little as
R6900. (NB: Capital City Business Chamber members pay even less).

Welcome to Marnus Roothman’s Body & Mind Foundation

This is my approach to developing a workable marketing strategy:

First step: Establish the company’s current position (where are we now?)
Second step: Get clarity and agreement about where it wants to go. (where do we want to be?)
Third step: Establish how to reach this goal (how shall we get there?)

The following are imperative for the success of a marketing strategy and plan:

  • It must be in writing.
  • Sub-targets must be set, in chronological order and within reachable time frames and budgets.
  • Measuring mechanisms must be built into each stage of the implementation.
  • It must be revisited regularly, and where and as necessary be adapted (without changing the goal)
  • Every tactic considered must be measured against the strategy before being implemented.

How we achieve this: Role players attend a “Bosberaad” on 2 consecutive days from 4 pm until as late as their concentration span lasts. NB1: Starting at 4 pm means least interference with normal business operation. NB2: The overnight break does wonders for establishing new perspectives in the minds of participants – as Paul Kruger knew, “sleeping it over” DOES work! NB3: It can also be presented as 2 daytime sessions, if required.

  • First we identify the pillars on which the business’ marketing is currently built, and analyse what role each one plays – or is supposed to play.
  • Then we get absolute clarity about the goal you want to reach. Strong and potential/real weak points are addressed objectively, with all role players facing and expressing their convictions/ fears/reservations in an unscrupulously honest way to achieve a workable long term consensus.
  • Now we analyse your Unique Selling Points – why people should get services/products from YOU, and not your competition. NB: When the master vision has been finalised, we revisit your marketing pillars and consider: What must you do more of?  Less of? Differently? Stop doing? Start doing? – within time frames and budgets. Now all activities of all pillars will fit in with the master strategy.
  • I use a master template © that automatically results in a written marketing strategy by the end of the project.

A follow-up meeting of ± 4 hours is held approximately 7 days later – the Bosberaad produces a lot of “homework”; and at this meeting we also evaluate how the implementation is progressing.

Consultation fee:
First 1 hour meeting at your premises FREE – and NO commitment (outside Greater Pretoria area, a R2/km travelling fee applies). If you decide to go ahead, we negotiate a fee (payable in advance), establish a starting date and a venue, and you supply me with as much information about your company as possible. My fee represents personal inputs in time and skills. Costs (printing, advertising etc) decided on during strategy development, and catering will be for the client’s account.

NB 1: if your operation is fairly large and/or complicated, you may want to schedule more  follow-up meetings, for which I shall quote you an additional fee per meeting.

NB 2: Many clients also schedule monthly or  bi-monthly strategy meetings with me in the long term, and/or an annual  8 hour bosberaad towards the end of each year to determine strategy specifically for the next year.

Don’t take my word that my approach works – on my website you will see what clients say about the impact my marketing strategy development had on their businesses – Marnus Roothman

Here are a few examples of what clients say about the services rendered:

§ Kontak gerus vir Marnus Roothman vir Bemarkingstrategie ontwikkeling. Nie net verbreed jou denke en visie nie, maar jy het vir die eerste keer ‘n werkbare plan. Ek en my man Peter het op 2 Januarie 2012 begin met die kursus, en daadwerklik is daar ‘n positiewe verskil in ons besigheid. Maak seker jul kry ook die CD’s wat beskikbaar is. Marnus het ook kontakte so lank soos sy twee arms, en is nie skaam om dit te deel nie (Ha ha Marnus het my nie betaal om die te skryf nie)

Marie-Kapp Lotter
Petlot Prepaid Professionals

§ Ek en Monty by Jovanka Pearl Photography het ook vir Marnus ingetrek om ons te help met die ontwikkeling van ‘n bemarkingstrategie, en dit maak verseker ‘n verskil. Ons mors nou minder tyd, en het ‘n duidelike strategie waarvolgens ons werk. Dankie Marnus

Shirley Botes
Jovanka Pearl Photography

§ Marnus Roothman’s Master Marketing Strategy really works! Over the past months he has defined, focused and fine-tuned our marketing strategy and assisted with its implementation to the point that every team member knows exactly where we are headed, and how we are going to get there within a pre-determined time frame and budget. I can unreservedly recommend his services to any firm that wants to reap tangible and measurable results without laying out a fortune.

John Greyvenstein Bsc (Zoology) MSc (Genetics)
Owner: Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy

§ We not only attended the excellent courses, but went further to consult with Marnus. In one month our turnover quadrupled! Marnus IS really an authority in his field and your company can only benefit from his courses and guidance.Thanks Marnus.

Deon Coetzee – MD o5webdesign

§ Marnus Roothman taught me a lot about real world marketing that gets real results. He helped me establish my business, got me into national newspapers and as a result of his PR work I presented seminars across South Africa. Whatever his fee, he is worth 100 times what he charges! I unreservedly recommend him.

Robin J Elliott Canada

§ Hallo Marnus

“Ons het nog nie naastenby alles gedoen wat ons bespreek het nie… maar dit gaan goed met ons… EN ons inkomste het reeds met 26% verbeter, ten spyte van die swak ekonomie. Dit gaan dus eintlik baie goed met ons. Baie dankie vir jou hulp”


§ The “bosberaad” was just what I needed, and thanks for the marathon follow-up session.  I have really received tremendous value from you, and have told my clients who have own businesses and would benefit from your help about the excellent and innovative service you offer.

Marilyn Welch, Relationship Coach specializing in Dating Skills -
Owner: Perfect Strangers

§ Dear Marnus

It is now more than 3 years since you assisted us in creating a comprehensive marketing strategy, and we could work according to a predetermined plan within which all our marketing actions could take place.

I have never regretted my decision to make use of your services in creating the initial marketing strategy, nor to have you facilitate an annual “bosberaad” towards the end of each year, to get clarity about our marketing strategy for the following year.

During our most recent monthly strategic meeting, when you outlined the approach followed to adapt our homepage to bring it in line with our current activities, I realized again that it was also one of my smarter business decisions to have a regular monthly meeting with you in order to get some “distance” from my everyday involvement, to enable me to work on the business instead of merely in it.

Here’s to our continued relationship regarding our strategic marketing activities.

Mark Stravakis
Owner: Limpopo Field Guiding Academy; Limpopo Rangers; The Limpopo Experience

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