The Master Key to Success in Business and Personal Relations

Discover the main reason why sales people do not sell, strikes occur, the ‘grapevine’ flourishes, businesses go bankrupt, the generation gap occurs, marriages break up, and wars start… and how the Master Key can prevent these from happening.

There are NO “free bonus offers” attached to this book, the book itself IS the bonus, empowering the reader to access this incredibly strong Life and Business tool that very few people manage to harness effectively (or are even aware of the fact that they have this potential within themselves).

The book represents a positive (and also hugely entertaining) life changing experience – the simple (but not easy) secret to success in your Business and Personal Relations.

The Master Key to Success in Business and Personal Relations will empower you in the following areas:

  • The Master Key to correct, compassionate Communication
  • The Master Key applied to the Marketing and Selling Process
  • Establishing what the Customer REALLY wants using the Master Key
  • The Master Key at work in Problem Solving
  • Demystifying Unique Selling Points using the Master Key
  • Perceptions and the Master Key
  • Using the Master Key to establish what Client Service and Care REALLY entail
  • The Master Key applied to Marketing Documents
  • The Master Key and Joint Venture Broking
  • The Master Key and Internal Staff and Management Relations
  • The flip side of the coin
  • The Master Key in Personal Relationships
  • Understanding Character Types using the Master Key
  • The Bigger Picture


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Here are some comments from people who have already purchased the book:

I have bought and read The Master Key to Success in Business and Personal Relations only a few days ago, and already I can detect a major positive paradigm shift in my approach to relationships – both in my business and my private life. Thank you.
THOMAS MOODIE Ex-economist: Saambou Bank Chairman: Stargazer Solar Solutions group Chairman: Capital City Business Chamber (East Forum)

I am impressed! I have already personally recommended the book to 517 business contacts on Twitter
ROBIN J ELLIOTT President: DollarMakers International Joint Venture Club, Vancouver

Bravo and Well Done, Marnus! Your book has exceeded all my expectations!
DEON COETZEE Managing Director: o5webdesign South Africa and Australia

This book will make a significant positive contribution to any business person’s performance in both business and personal relations. We are recommending it to all our member firms.
FANIE DU PLESSIS Executive Director: Capital City Business Chamber

I am a professional jazz musician, arranger and composer, and have done contract work all over the world. My discovery of your book has left me in awe – I have been practicing this approach all my life; but for the first time I REALLY understand the whys and the wherefores, and can harness it to maximum effect.

I am a Relationship Coach specializing in social skills, and have found your approach to relationships meaningful and practical, while the book itself is easy and entertaining to read. I shall definitely be featuring the Master Key approach in my coaching.
Marilyn Welch Owner: Perfect Strangers (

NB: There is a Master Key discussion group in place on Facebook where you can comment, ask questions and share discussions on any aspects of the book