Here are a few straight-forward questions about your marketing:

Are you sure that your marketing strategy is on target – or even in place?
Before you can mastermind brilliant concepts, methods, and techniques – which are tactics – you first have to be very clear about, and committed to, your strategy. You may even still have to create a master strategy. Even the greatest marketing tactics will under-perform (mostly by a wide margin) if not driven by a consistent, all-encompassing strategy, or by an inferior strategy.

Do you really understand the difference between marketing and selling?
Many firms are under the impression that marketing is automatically strategic, while selling is tactical – or that the one equals the other. This perception may be costing you dearly.

Does your firm have (a) well defined Unique Selling Proposition(s) in place?
- and do all your employees know and really understand it, and emphasize it in all their communications? International marketing experts rate USP as one of the most important success factors for any firm – yet many firms still believe that “quality and service” equals a USP; or that a slogan adequately represents a USP. Your USP is the one most important reason why customers will use your product or service, and not that of an opposition firm.

Do you know the most dangerous failure in business – and especially in Customer Care?
- the reason why strikes occur, the grapevine flourishes, salespeople do not sell, customers are lost, firms go bankrupt, marriages break up, the generation gap occurs, and wars start? Many firms seem to be doing everything right, and yet go down – without them even knowing why – because they overlook or do not fully understand the one most important aspect of customer contact and care.

Are your salespeople really optimally equipped for their job?
Do they understand – or even know about – the correlation between the intellectual, emotional and physical aspects of selling and buying? Do they sell according to a structured “chassis” plan giving a professional presentation, and do they know and understand the importance of things like timing and body language?

Are you playing a hit and miss (mostly miss) game when advertising?
Do you know how to structure a good advertisement for different media and target groups? Can you even give qualified comment on what is being presented to you by advertising agencies or your staff for approval (and, of course, payment)?

Are you happy with the image created by your marketing material?
Does your in-house publication section operate within the parameters of a properly structured strategy; and do your marketing documents really convey the message you want it to, and enhance the image of your firm?

Are you up to date with present day marketing approaches?
Do you fully understand Host Beneficiary Relationships, Joint Ventures, Back-ending versus Front-end selling, the Residual Value of your resources – and the powerful impact the above can have on your bottom line?

Do you think that Motivation = Easy?
Do you send your sales team (and yourself) to “motivational” talks or seminars, leave the venue walking on air after being incited and entertained – just to be jolted back to reality within hours, without any lasting benefits derived from it. Rather than a hit and miss/highs and lows affair, practical long-term motivation can be achieved by every staff member, manager, and business owner when approached correctly.

Does the entertainment at your corporate events or private functions enhance or tarnish your company or personal image?
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